Useful Links

Here are a few links I like that might be of use to you too. If anyone has any useful medieval history links then please feel free to post a comment with it in!

Internet Medieval Sourcebook 
Brilliant site for primary sources. Arranged by subject

De Re Militari: The Society For Mediavl Military History 
A page dedicated to medieval military history. Contains a number of primary sources and articles

Lots of really interesting articles and resources. Updated frequently.

Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East 
Academic society relating to the crusades and the Latin East

Resources for Studying the Crusades via Queen Mary University of London
Contains profiles of historians of the crusades

The Catholic Encyclopedia 
Useful for looking up religious figures and terminology

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
Contains a number of medieval manuscripts that you can browse through

Anthology of English literature

Edited by Andrew Holt. An extremely useful site for anyone interested in the crusades. Contains primary and secondary sources

The Avalon Project via Yale Law School
Some legal primary sources

Web Gallery of Art
Contains images and information about different types of art. Searchable by time period or type of art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Images and information about different types of art. The timeline section is particularly useful - searchable by time period or location

Eastern Art Online 
Eastern art collections from the Ashmolean Museum

Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

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  1. "Le Roman de la Rose" and "Le Jeu des √©checs moralis√©" (University of Chicago Library’s manuscripts)